Imagine What You Want ~ You Can Have It!

This is a great analogy of what to do to be successful on lifes journey.

If you’re feeling stuck in life or aren’t happy with the situation you find yourself in, take a second look at your thoughts. Are you allowing your imagination to guide you to the things you want?

Your imagination is the first place to manifest your ultimate desires.

Remember when you were a child playing make-believe? I used to take my bed sheet and make it into a tent. It would be my home away from home. My secret hiding place.

Imagination is a form of dreaming. Visualization is a way of creating.

Didn’t you have any super powers when you were a child?

Look to the skies and find those twinkling lights which are disguised as “stars” – they can be spaceships or anything your mind wants it to be.

If you can imagine what you want, you can have it.

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