The Many Uses of VapoRub™

More examples of why Vapor rub is awesome

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If you were ever a kid, you’ll probably remember having your chest rubbed down with Vicks® VapoRub™ by a caretaker, which in my case was my mother. It was one of the best parts of having a cold, besides getting to stay home from school and drinking hot tea with honey. (The kind of honey that comes in the little bear bottle.)

Personally, I really love the stuff.

When one of your nostrils drain itself of mucus for a few minutes…well, that’s the shit right there. The only thing that comes close is the moment an infected ear suddenly pops free and you can hear again.

listen-radio_2593000kHe’s so fine, there’s no telling where the money went…

Until it clogs again. (Your nostrils.) Then they take turns, right side open, left closed. Then right sealed like a tomb (ain’t no oxygen getting in, sucker) and the left side is as clear…

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