How Skilled Are You at Coping?

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I Tripped Over a Stone

Death and taxes, the only two things we can count on in this life. What if there are more things we can rely on? For instance, being wounded, hurt, used, and even abused in some shape or form. Everyone I have ever talked to has known heartbreak, loss, and pain. Yes, there are varying degrees, there are also varying degrees of coping skills. The lack of coping skills has nothing to do with personality, education, or intellect. Coping skills develop through practice caused by incidents.

Something has to happen to you for you to develop the appropriate coping skills. 

In psychology, coping skills are defined as skills used to consciously solve personal and interpersonal problems. You are deliberately trying to master, minimize or tolerate stress and conflict.

However, the effectiveness of your coping skills depends on the type of stress, the individual, and the circumstance. Societal support structures are big influencers here.

I believe…

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