An Adulation to the Heart

Here are a few (Fun) Facts about this beautiful muscle, without which you’re dead (hahahaha).

Pumping around 2,000 gallons of blood 24/7, providing vital nutrients and oxygen to every part of our body without us ever consciously having it do so.

  1. Your heart is actually in the middle of your chest between your lungs. Alas for generations we’ve been doing it wrong when saying the Pledge of Allegiance with our hands on our left instead of the center.
  2. The Human heart beats approximately 70 times per minute. Statistically the Mayo Clinic indicated that the resting heart rate of a healthy adult is anywhere from 60-100 beats per minute. That activity over the course of an average lifetime, around 100,000 beats per day or 2.5 billion during your life…WOW!!
  3. A Cold Heart isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Therapeutic Hypothermia can be used as a means of Cardiac arrest treatment. Whereby Doctors lower your body temperature by 7 degrees, to 91 degrees Fahrenheit, to slow damage to the brain and other organs that begins when the heart stops and restarts.
  4. Dreading Mondays is REAL Y’all. Studies have shown that heart attacks occur on Mondays more than any other day of the week with an incidence rate of 20% higher for men and 15% higher for women. Okay so yet more reason to backup supporting three day weekends instead of only two.
  5. Your blood vessel system consists of your a) Arteries- carry oxygenated and nutrient loaded blood from the heart ot the other organs and limbs. b) Veins-carry the deoxygenated blood back to the heart and c) Capillaries-which are what connects everything. All of these vessels are Long enough to wrap around the Earth MORE THAN TWICE!!
  6. SIX beats faster. A female human heart beats around six beats per minute faster than that of a man. The male heart is nearly 25% larger than that of a woman’s, therefore a single beat of a man’s heart pumps more blood so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Funny how this fact mimics life isn’t it?
  7. The largest artery in the human body is the Aorta, it is from the Aorta that all other arteries are fed. The diameter of this artery is really weird to envision since it is comparable to a garden hose. Think about that for a minute. Ah well, as in most things in life SIZE isn’t everything. A very big deal associated to the Aorta is that aneurysms, or bulges in an artery wall, occur here most often.

Your heart matters, do what you can to take care of it and it will beat for you autonomously for your entire life.

P.S. Tell me something you do for your heart in the comments.