New developements

Hi Everybody;

I’m writing today totally winging it. I’ve been dealing with a bad period of late with my mobility. So I decided to speak about it with my Dr. and she ordered X Rays. I was able to read the report yesterday and found that I have severe Osteoarthritis with nodules in both knees, right worse than left. Yaaaay me.

Prior to receiving this information I went out of the house for the first time in over a week and felt really self conscious because I’m now using the aid of two canes instead of just one, I chose this route as opposed to a walker, it is easier to maneuver the canes in and out of the car then it is to deal with the walker. I’m just very disappointed with everything right now.

The information from my doc is that of course treatment options are very limited with Arthritis. We can try PT and water therapy, exercise, weight loss (more on this later), injections which cause my blood sugar levels to skyrocket, and if all else fails a referral to an Orthopedic doc for possible surgical options. Boy the overwhelming feelings of total defeat are like a boulder setting in the middle of my chest.

You see I have really been trying to get out of the pit I’ve dug around myself over the last few years. I’ve been more proactive in trying to make things better even just a little breathing room would be awesome. It never fails for every step forward it seems I have to take 20 back.

I’m going to survive this, I am simply taking a moment of self indulgence and venting. I hope you all don’t mind.