Acupuncture should be Acumazing!!

Hey one and all, how are you doing this fine Thursday?

I am feeling fine for the first time in a very very veeeerrryyy long time. So to begin with THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH to my beautiful Daughters Cici and Ry. Their birthday gift this year was a three session gift certificate for Acupuncture and I tell you what folks this treatment option is the $h%t!!!!

Today was my first session and after a detailed conversation with Chrystal my acupuncturist, I had a 20 minute treatment. I can touch my toes y’all!!! I honestly am ecstatic. This isn’t my first experience with acupuncture so I knew I would feel relief, but Hot Damn.

Ok, so my right side seems to be the one most impacted by everything and over the last year I have slowly been favoring my right arm especially. I can lift it level with my shoulder for the first time in forever and can even extend it behind me which has been virtually impossible not to mention excruciatingly painful.  I can’t imagine how I’m gonna feel next week.

Hope each of you will find relief and joy today, tomorrow and beyond.


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