Are You Diabetic?…Did You Know?

I have a family history of diabetes, I had gestational diabetes and a little over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. So as you can probably imagine I have done some looking into this disorder more than I may have previously. I have taken a Diabetes nutrition class, and I also utilize two different types of Insulin, one long acting and one fast acting. Now for the longest time I believed that once I started taking better care of myself I would be able to stop utilizing Insulin. Evidently according to my last two healthcare providers Dr. Amy Tubay and Megan Greising, PA this is not the likeliest of outcomes. So when I came across this article today in Very Well Health by Debra Manzella, RN and reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD, I took time to read it and found a break down on insulin that I appreciated for its simplicity in explaining insulin and what the different types are and what they do.

Knowing as they say is half the battle of course the other half is implementation. Unfortunately for me I am not great at the implementation part the majority of the time, I am very easily derailed by things I like that are not conducive to good health, but I continue to try and do the best I can for the most part.

When your physician prescribes insulin, needs of the patient are matched to the best insulin characteristics, of which there are three.

  1. Onset- the time it takes for the insulin to start working
  2. Peak Time- the time during which the insulin is most effective
  3. Duration- the length of time that the insulin is considered to be effective.

The six types of Insulin listed in the article are

  1. Rapid-acting
  2. Regular (short-acting)
  3. Intermediate-acting
  4. Long-acting
  5. Combination
  6. Inhaled (this is fairly new to the game only available since 2015)

Above is a link to the article, I hope you’ll find it as beneficial as I did and of course I encourage you to bring up any questions you may have regarding the information enclosed within the article with your primary healthcare provider.

I hope that your day has been and continues to be a great one, and that your tomorrow is even better. ‘Til next time.




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