Do You Know?

As far back as 1552 B.C scientists and physicians have documented the symptoms. Frequent urination and emaciation. An example was given that ‘ants are attracted to the urine of people who are affected’. In 150 A.D. Arateus a Greek physician described the disorder as “The melting of flesh and limb into urine” Fast forward hundreds of years to the ‘Water Tasters’, these folks would actually taste a patients urine to determine if it was sweet as a means of diagnosis.

Early treatments usually entailed being encouraged by your physician to obtain regular exercise, generally the recommended routine was horseback riding as this was believed to mitigate the frequent urination issue.

As more time goes by and more information is discovered¬† people with the ailment are better able to be treated. In the 1700 and 1800 hundreds many advances were achieved, such as the role diet plays, so patients were then encouraged to only eat the meat and fat of animals or to ingest large amounts of sugar. It was in the 1800’s that doctor’s achieved the ability to chemically test for the disease using a patients urine. A French physician Apollonaire Bouchard found that as a result of food rationing in the early 1870’s, due to the Franco-Prussian war, a patients symptoms improved. Thus the fad diet craze is born.

Boston scientist Elliott Joslin, became the leading expert in the disease when he published the first Textbook related to treatment of the condition in 1916. In this text it is written that a fasting diet in conjunction with regular exercise could greatly improve a patients survival rate. Still today diet and exercise are considered key components to managing this disease.

Yet even with this information and following a strict regiment it wasn’t enough to prevent many a premature death. The process to find a treatment for the disease began and the first break came in 1889 when researchers from the University of Strasbourg, Oskar Minkowski and Joseph von Mering found that by removing a dogs pancreas the disease could be induced. In 1908 a German scientist of Jewish heritage, Georg Zuelzer found that by injecting a patient with a pancreatic extract they could achieve better control of the condition. This finding led to what is still the most effective therapy that can be used as treatment today.

We’ve come a long way since then thankfully, and strides are made everyday in the best ways to treat this disease.

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In the meantime I hope each and everyone of you is as good as you can possibly be and that tomorrow is even better.