3 Weeks Post Final Acumazing Treatment

Hello one and all! I hope today finds each of you in a joyous place. I just wanted to touch base with you all about how things have progressed with undertaking the three session gift of Acupuncture my daughters gave me this past June.

I was seen three weeks in a row and I tell you I am amazed in the results. As I mentioned the day of my first treatment I was able to actually bend and touch my toes! I was able to stand up straight and my ability to walk was greatly improved. In addition I was able to raise my right arm (which has been virtually useless for the last year) level with my shoulder without feeling horrendous pain.

The second treatment did present a bit of challenge as it seemed that it kind of increased my pain the first couple of days afterward. The next few days were really good however, I was able to stand for longer periods, I was able to extend my right arm backwards and could almost reach the small of my back when trying to bend it behind me. Here again this is something that has been unattainable for over a year now.

My final treatment we focused on the small of my back and right arm as these two areas have been the most pain ridden. My last treatment was on August 23rd only a couple of days shy of three full weeks. I am still ecstatic with how I am feeling. I am still able to extend my right arm behind me although bending has become unobtainable. I am able to raise it straight without wanting to scream, actually there is only a twinge of pain now. Best of all with my arm I no longer have the large knot that has been present and growing on my right upper arm along the tendon which was not only creating constant pain it would for good measure spasm at times and cause shooting pain down into my wrist. This has stopped completely and the knot is only marble sized now.

I tell you I am tickled pink and however I can manage to continue with this type of treatment I am going to do it, even if all I can manage to afford is once a month.

Have any of you ever utilized acupuncture treatment in your health care routine. Did it help and would you do it again? Let me know in the comments, I can’t wait to hear of your experiences.

‘Til next time I’m sending each of you hope for a great day today and an even better tomorrow.